Varq for fine dining at the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi

Here’s a hot tip for those of you who enjoy fine dining and Indian food. The new place to eat is Varq at the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. The very name, “Varq” which refers to the edible gold and silver foil traditionally used to embellish certain Indian sweets, rich biryanis and curries, calls to mind refinement and luxury. The restaurant’s ambience and culinary style is both modern and traditional Indian.vark1.jpg

The cuisine redefines Indian flavours in a way that’s bound to delight and surprise.
Two wines that saw us comfortably through the evening with a variety of delicately spiced dishes were a Louis Jadot chardonnay (Burgundy) and a Danzante merlot (Italy), impeccably served in Schott Zweisel stemware. Estimated cost per head for a three course meal without wine, Rs 2,500. Pictured above are the Jalebies with their nouvelle presentation.

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  1. I know Louis Jadot fume blanc, which is a much better choice with an Indian meal when compared to Chardonnay.
    Reds do not go well with Indian food. The reds are overpowered by the spices and the herbs that go in to the Indian meal.
    The best bets with Indian meal are Sylvaner, Gewururztraminer, sauvignon blanc or fume blanc type of wines.
    KK Chopra, Hong Kong.

  2. Yes, I, too, veer towards the whites when eating Indian food. More than a Chardonnay, I would select a Riesling because, like Rowald Hepp (see Readers Write, SI September/October 08), I enjoy its fresh and lively acidity balanced with the slight residual sugar often found in rieslings along with the mineral flavour which comes from the soil in which it flourishes. Next, it will be a Fumé Blanc or Sylvaner!

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