Vinexpo comes to India for the first time

The famed Bordeaux trade fair, Vinexpo is coming to India for the first time to be staged in New Delhi from the 9th to 11th December 2021 in partnership with exhibition company, Sial.

Vinexpo’s new CEO, Rodolphe Lameyse (pictured) is determined to enter new markets. Speaking to the Drinks Business, he said, “Even if it’s small scale it doesn’t matter. What matters is to demonstrate trust in the future, that we believe India is the next big thing. That’s why I have decided to launch Vinexpo India this year. You have to be there as a pioneer, and being a pioneer in India is important to me.”

The show will accommodate around 20 to 30 international wine exhibitors besides Indian producers, adding up to around 50 in all. Given India’s strong spirits market, Lameyse sees it as an opportunity to mix both wine and spirits, although this show is likely to be more about wine.

As with Vinexpo’s other shows, there will also be a programme of masterclasses and tastings.

From the print edition of Sommelier India, Summer 2021 


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