Which Wine? Malbecs recommended by the SI/AdV Tasting Panel

A line-up of mainly Argentine Malbecs sampled by Sommelier India
A line-up of mainly Argentine Malbecs sampled by Sommelier India

Marvellous Malbec.
The Sommelier India Tasting Panel entered its 11th year with a recent blind tasting of Malbecs available in India. The wines were uniformly appreciated and at times we were hard pressed to differentiate between them. They were pleasing and drank well. The discussion that ensued once the labels were revealed was fierce and lively and continued till we lapsed into observations about the political scene and current affairs!

Good Malbec is a rich, deep red wine with bold fruit flavours and chocolaty finish. It has softer tannins than Cabernet Sauvignon and an almost velvety structure. Malbec is made from grapes grown in the foothills of the Andes and is now increasingly found in newer, cooler altitudes which produce its best expression. Malbec is the signature grape of Argentina, although originally from southwest France, mostly Cahors, from which its local name, Côt, is derived. Given below is the list of Malbecs tasted blind in Delhi by the Sommelier India/Académie du Vin Tasting Panel. Don’t miss the next issue of Sommelier India for more on Argentine Malbec with tasting notes by our tastings coordinator, Gagan Sharma

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