Sula to support tiger conservation through wine tourism in Karnataka

India's First " Wine for a Cause "
Sula is looking to replicate in Channapatna the wine tourism success it has seen in Nashik in Maharashtra

Sula has decided to take up the cause of the magnificent tiger with Kādu, India’s first “wine for a cause”. With each bottle of Kādu sold, Sula will contribute to tiger conservation within Karnataka. To ensure the optimum end-use of the funds contributed, Sula, is collaborating with the Sanctuary Nature Foundation.

Sula Vineyards, which started off as a winery based in Nashik in Maharashtra, is also planning to bring wine tourism to Karnataka in another seven to eight months, a source within the company told IBT India. Karnataka is its second-biggest market in India after Maharashtra. Sula launched its Karnataka-based wine brand, Kadu, (“wild” in Kannada) around Diwali in 2017. Following the success of wine tourism at its vineyards in Nashik, Sula is looking to offer a similar experience to wine enthusiasts in Karnataka. Given the time frame, it is likely that Sula’s venture will kick off in Karnataka on or around Kadu’s first-year anniversary.

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