Christmas Pudding, served in homes and clubs across India

Christmas pudding
Traditional Christmas pudding served since the 19th century garnished with a sprig of holly

Christmas Pudding is the rich culmination of a long tradition of “plum puddings” which can be traced back to the early 15th century. Like early mince pies, the puddings contained meat of which a token remains in the use of suet. The name “plum” referred to prune, but it soon came to mean any dried fruit. This rich dish was served on feast days such as All Saint’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The Christmas Pudding tradition as known today has been established since the 19th century. The pudding is traditionally served with rum or brandy butter, topped with a sprig of holly and set alight with rum or another spirit and popular in clubs all over India. We offer you here a pressure cooker variation of the classic recipe, which keeps well and can be served throughout the year. (If wished you can reduce or substitute some of the candied fruit).

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