Wine – My Stay in Many Barren Years

In Evelyn Waugh’s novel, “Brideshead Revisited – The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder”, narrator and central character, Charles Ryder says, “Wilcox welcomed our interest; we had bottles brought up from every bin, and it was during those tranquil evenings with Sebastian that I first made a serious acquaintance with wine and sowed the seed of a rich harvest which was to be my stay in many barren years.”

Many wine lovers, I feel sure, will know what Ryder meant when he said, “my stay in many barren years.” Especially after the torrid two years the world has just endured, years in which the prospect of a life-affirming glass of wine at day’s end brought solace and comfort in a maelstrom of worry and uncertainty. Above all that is what this sextet of ‘Vinous Vignettes’ delivered —
a comforting caress on palate and soul in a time of crisis.

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