Wine Studio for Wine Lovers in Punjab

According to The Tribune, Chandigarh wine enthusiasts in the Punjab are getting more and more shopping options everyday. Most recently, Jalandhar has gotten a Wine Studio in its posh Lajpat Nagar market. It includes a huge variety of Indian and imported wines.

“Wine Studio” for bubbly lovers
Residents of the city, the heartland of Doaba region, seem to have acquired an intense fascination for wines. To satiate their taste buds, the city has got an exclusive Wine Studio in the posh Lajpat Nagar Market.
The Wine Studio, as claimed by its proprietor Sunny, is first of its kind outlet in Punjab, which, exclusively caters to needs of the wine lovers and which boasts of a huge variety of Indian and imported wines, based on liking of men, and women as well.
What is more interesting is revelation made by Sunny that more and more women have started preferring wine as a drink. “We have a large number of customer base of women, most of whom prefer red wines or a combination of vodka and flavoured sparkling soda. Those belonging to rich families go in for champagne,” Sunny said.
Wine Studio offers an array of brands of exquisite Indian and imported wines and champegne, that include, Rancarede, Listel, Vin Ballet, Hoor, Riveria, Joie, Deinhard, Andre, Sula, Madera, Syrah, Chantilli, Cabernet, Cuvee, Satori, Carlorossi, Malambo and Baron De Meriac. “We have almost all of red, white and pink wines. Presumably, people of Jalandhar have developed a taste for wines. Our outlet has maximum variety of wines to offer to our valued customers, who also come to us to have their pick of all kinds of imported cheese and yoghurt,” Sunny maintained.
“At the outset, we had never expected that people of Punjab, particularly, Jalandhar, where people are known for their preference of hard liquor, would except wines. But we are amazed over their response and their sense of tasting wines in their true and peculiar styles. Not only urbanites, we have customers, who come all the way from far flung villages to enquire about wines. Though high prices prove to be a big hurdle for some people, but, they settle for nothing less than low price tag Indian wines,” Sunny said.

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